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Dear Like Minded Real Estate Investor

Before I show you the top-shelf, star-studded line up we've assembled for this years Investor Palooza....

Let me ask you a question: Is what you have today... enough?

Do you have enough deals?... enough contacts?... enough margin?... enough profit per deal... enough time for work AND play... enough money to retire right now... today... no matter what your age?

I ask... because your answer will determine what you do in the next two minutes... (in what may be the MOST important two minutes you've ever spent.)

Here's the Story...

I've been doing Palooza for 8 years now, and in those years, I've discovered there are two kinds of people who come to the event.

The first kind are... "Somewhat interested"... They're thinking it might be "fun" to sit in the back of the room and listen to some of the talks... And to text on their iPhone or leaf through the want ads when it suits them.

Won't be fully committed to or engaged in Palooza either.

And that hurts everyone... Because the people you meet on breaks, who ask inspired, open, even so-called "dumb" questions make Palooza even better... They expand your network and enrich your experience...

And when you have a room full of half-in people... What you get out is only half as good as it could be.

The points in this... If you think you might be a "Toenail" attendee... this event is NOT for you... And you may as well stop reading this right now...


I'm looking for SELECT Group of the Most Motivated, Hungry, Serious, Wealth-Minded People That Are Ready to Defy Ordinary Boundaries of Wealth Creation, and Massive Money!

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...They're a key part of Palooza...

They're one of the big reasons Palooza is THE PREMIER EVENT of real estate investing in the country... The reason Investors in all phases of their careers (from the beginners to 30-year veterans) mark their calendars a year in advance to be sure they've got the week blocked out, so no family vacations or Aspen Mountain ski trips get in the way...

And thats why I want YOU to be ready to FULLY ENGAGE when you walk through those doors.

Real Estate That Rocks

The ability to be there with you in person and the chance to network with like-minded investors. I enjoyed all the speakers, especially the ones from your office!! Thank you for teaching from an ethical standpoint.

Connie Gohata
Cypress, CA
Real Estate That Rocks

Hope you had a Spectacular Weekend! You did an Amazing job putting that whole thing together! Event planning is tough, especially with that many working parts to put on one event! AWESOME JOB!


And it's also why ...

I Strictly Limit Seating to just 300 people from across the entire United States for this Exclusive, Once-a-Year Event!!

You see, in all the years I've been doing this, I've discovered 300 is the magic number.

It ensures that only the most motivated, decisive, get-down-to-business real estate investors attend ... And that they come with energy, questions and healthy skepticism to get creative juices flowing ... To challenge each other and to draw out even more Fantastic, Dramatic, Money'd results from our expert line up of speakers!

And so, to help separate the cream from the watered down milk, the diamonds-in-the-rough from fool's gold, the totally focused, engaged, ready-to-go from the half-way-ins.

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Seats at this exclusive event are always extremely limited!

Do NOT leave this site until you have RESERVED YOUR SEAT!!

Real Estate That Rocks

"I'm the President of the South Carolina Real Estate Investors Association. I run a chapter in Myrtle Beach, SC and Charleston, SC. I've known Larry for about a year and a half. Very, very satisfied with the weekend. One quick word to sum it up would be AWESOME! Larry has a way of bringing it to you in an easy to understand format."

And now ...

At the beginning of this page, I said our expert presenters are a "star studded" line up.

But I don't want you to get the wrong idea.

Because the truth is ... the experts you'll hear from are not celebrities. You won't see many of them on Oprah or Good Morning America. And they won't be accepting an Academy Award anytime soon.

You see, they're too busy for celebrity, red carpet cake walks.

They're busy ... quietly make a killing in real estate day in and day out, month after month, year after year.

Review their stories to find out who they are, what they've accomplished, and how you can use what they'll be sharing with you to make your own killing in real estate investing.

The Keynote Speaker - Julie Ziglar Norman

Julie Ziglar Motivational Icon

The executive behind Get Motivated and the daughter of legendary motivational icon Zig Ziglar will be center stage at Investor Palooza 2014. Julie Ziglar is a renowned inspirational speaker and author who dazzles audiences at home and abroad.

She continues a Legacy of Encouragement, a personal challenge to motivate and inspire all Americans. Julie is known as the motivators' motivator and has recently done speaking engagements with Bill Cosby, President GW Bush, Joe Montana and Steve Forbes.

Julie's unique story will keep you laughing, crying and taking notes. Learn more about Julie Ziglar Norman

Investor Palooza 2014 Speakers

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...Club Palooza - Financial Training for Teens...

Investor Palooza is not just for adults.

Club Palooza is three days of financial training tailored to your tween or young adult. How do they balance their checkbook? How do they set themselves up to be financially successful? How can they prepare to run their own business?

Club Palooza is a once in a lifetime chance for your child or grandchild to learn financial literacy, and to prepare themselves with real world skill that aren't taught in their classrooms.

Best of all, Club Palooza is absolutely free with your paid adult admission.

Discover Club Palooza

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