Investor Palooza, Not Just for Adults

You aren't the only one who can learn about investments at this year's Investor Palooza. Now your teen can too at Club Palooza! Best of all, it's included with the purchase of your ticket to Investor Palooza.

They don't teach this stuff at school!

So, what is Club Palooza

Club Palooza is three days of basic financial training tailored to tweens and young adults. It is a highly interactive workshop that will give them a strong basis to make decisions about their own financial future. While you learn the details of how to invest in real estate, your child or grandchild will be learning things like:

  • Goal Setting
  • Business Vocabulary
  • How to Step Our of Their Comfort Zone
  • Job Hunting Skills
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • How to Prepare a Family Budget
  • What the "Cash Flow Quadrants" are and How to Choose the Right One
  • Employee vs. Self Employed
  • Traits of Highly Effective Teens
  • Recommended Web Sites for Youth Success
  • How to Become a Young Real Estate Investor
  • How to Have Multiple Streams of Income
  • How to Turn Goals Into Solid Workable Plans
  • Why Multiple Streams of Income is so Crucial
  • How to Think Like the Rich, Know What the Rich Know and Do What the Rich Do
  • How to Read a Balance Sheet & Income Statement
  • How to Start & Run Their Own Business
  • The First Steps of Starting Their Own Business
  • The Basics of Writing a Business Plan
  • The Top 100 Colleges with Majors in Entrepreneurships
  • Tax Benefits in the Cash Flow Quadrant
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • How to Think & Act Like the Wealthy
  • Understanding Self Directed IRA's
  • How to Buy Their First Home Before Their First Car
  • How to Find a Business When You Have No Money
  • How to Manage Cash Flow
  • How to Get Rich in America Today
  • And Much, Much More!!
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Financial Literacy Rocks

It's a sad fact, but the one thing that affects us the most in life (money issues), is one of the least studied topics in schools. Most schools do not teach a thing about Financial Literacy.

Let's help our youth solve the financial aspect of their lives first, and get that out of the way early, so they can then seek their REAL purpose on this earth. We don't want our children to have to spend half of their lives solving money issues.

Why should a child have to wait until they are 30-40 yrs old before they seek financial independence? Lets start them out now while they are still young! If it is good enough for the parents, then it is good enough for the kids!

Larry Goins
Real Estate Author and Investor

Don't Take Our Word For It

How to Register

Warning: Parents/Guardians MUST register for Investor Palooza BEFORE children and young adults aged 12-18 can be registered for Club Palooza.

Once your registration is received, you will receive an email with registration paperwork for Club Palooza.

Register Today for Investor Palooza 2014

Ages and Restrictions

Recommended ages for Club Palooza attendees are between 12 and 18 years old. Club Palooza attendees are expected to arrive ready to learn, to be mature and respectful of others.

Limit of two youths per registered adult (without prior approval).